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I’m a Belgian designer based out of Mumbai, India.

Drop me an email on domras@hotmail.com to inquiry on product purchase and availability.

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6 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. Hi Dominik – I recently came across your work and I really love it. It is refreshing to see quality designs for 3D printing. I am in the process of launching a 3D printing marketplace and am recruiting designers with interesting work to be featured on my site. I would like to talk to you about being part of it. I was particularly intrigued by your “swing girls” earrings and some of your iPhone cases.

    What makes our site unique is that we are partnering with a company called Authentise which protects designer IP by preventing printers from printing more copies than were purchased.



      1. Hi sorry, I did not see your reply until now. you can send the wholesale prizes to valerie@denicheuse.com. I would be interested in : lacecuff, Centerpiece construct, iphone5 apple, eaaring umbrella girls, swing girls, hoopgirls, cockatiel, pendant twigs. thanks a lot, Valérie

  2. Hello,Diminik rashkin

    My name is Yori,web director at FREECOM Japan.

    FREECOM Japan: http://www.freecom.co.jp/
    FREECOM Global: http://www.freecom.com/

    We’ve seen your works on shapeways.com and they look absolutely fantastic.
    We’d really like to introduce you and your works at artist page on our website called “3D SHOUT”,


    3D SHOUT is an online Japanese 3D printing community which is just launched in the beginning of this month.
    I’d really appreciate it, If you could give us permission to introduce your works by using photos listed on your site and shapeways below.


    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

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