iPhone 6 cases


Yes, there is already an overabundance of iPhone cases on offer these days. Yet these 3D printed iPhone 6 cases do find a rightful place in the current market. What otherwise might be considered a subpar material finish, these cases printed out of a plastic based nylon through SLS printing have a slightly rough finish what indeed makes for a great natural grip. The thickness of these cases is just 1.2 mm and as such add hardly any thickness to the phone. The patterns are mainly inspired by Indian Jali work as used in ancient and modern building all over India to diffuse the exterior environment and provide shade as well as add decorative features to the structure.

Go to www.shapeways.com/shops/dominikraskiniPhone 6_case_rattan iPhone 6_case_front iPhone 6_case_rattan2 iPhone 6_case_rattan3 iPhone 6_case_membrane7 iPhone 6_case_membrane6 iPhone 6_case_membrane5 iPhone 6_case_diamond iPhone 6_case_weave1 iPhone 6_case_membrane1 iPhone 6_case_weave iPhone 6_case_diamond5 iPhone 6_case_diamond3 iPhone 6_case_diamond1 iPhone 6_case_weave2 iPhone 6_case_membrane iPhone 6_case_rattan4 iPhone 6 cases3

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